Uncle Ikes gives pot a bad name:

· Uncle Ikes owner Ian Eisenberg got rich off the phone sex industry.

· Cheated his way into the marijuana permitting lottery system after not winning a permit by buying off someone else’s permit.

· Moved in next to a Church and managed to get Joshua’s Teen Center reclassified so it didn’t qualify as an area where teens are.

· Tried cheating his workers out of minimum wage, despite making over $1 million a month.

Ian Eisenberg is seeking to monopolize the marijuana industry:

· In Capitol Hill, when a pot shop tried to open, Ian bought up the Veterinary Clinic next door, turned it into an arcade store (an area where children are), thus shutting down the new pot store before it could open. Ian never opened the arcade.

·  In Sodo, when a pot store attempted to open, Ian again bought up the store next to it and opened a daycare shutting down the marijuana store before it could open.

· When Ponder, a pot stop behind Uncle Ikes opened up, he sued them for having spinning signs.

· Ian is a Board Member of CORE, a major marijuana lobbying group that consists of marijuana retail owners who push to make it harder for new stores to open and pushed to shut down medical marijuana stores.

· Uncle Ike’s pot may be cheap now, but if Ian succeeds in monopolizing the marijuana industry he will raise prices through the roof.

Ian Eisenberg is racist.

· Ian is also a real estate investor who buys up land in Central District and sells it to the highest bidder, usually an unaffordable developer (he sold the land to the developer who built the luxury apartments that are across the street from Uncle Ikes), despite this Ian refuses to acknowledge is role in gentrification.

· Instead Ian told the Black community he doesn’t care they are upset with him and he doesn’t need them “since Black people only buy illegal weed anyways”.

· Africatown has been working to secure land so the Black community can remain in Central District, Ian says Black people have no right to live in the CD “since Jews were here first”.

· The corner of 23rd & Union was once an open drug market, people were killed and went to jail and still sit in jail for selling weed where Ian now sells marijuana making around $1.4 million a month in sales.  Black people were told marijuana legalization would help us, that we would stop being taken to jail for weed and can join the industry legally. But we are still getting hauled off to jail for selling weed on the street, since thanks to people like Ian Eisenberg and his lobbying group CORE, not only is it near impossible for a Black person with a criminal record for selling weed to get in the industry, once we do we get attacked or sued by Ian. Ian Eisenberg is pushing Black people out of the Central District and the marijuana industry.